Harold National School Session 5, all groups

I started by returning to the two groups who still needed time to finish up. The group who were doing shadow puppetry needed some rehearsal time for their four pieces about Alzheimers, running away from home and other intergenerational misunderstandings. The group working on dioramas on their agreed theme of kidnapping, finished their assembly of them and displayed them, including showing some of the storyboards.

After lunch, it was possible for all three classes to visit each other’s rooms in turn, to see what they had all done. We watched the performance of the four shadow shows, and the groups that were displaying the models of their dreams of what they would like to create for the school and the groups that made dioramas, got a chance to talk about them to the others and tell a little of their working process and ideas. At the end I was able to show them a slide show of photos taken of them all at work. It was good to come together at the end for this sharing and to have their Headmistress and the Arts Officer attend also so they had a chance to show them what they had been doing and enjoy their praise and attention.

A video of the slide show including some images of today’s sharing and of the finished work can be seen at https://vimeo.com/340941811

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