St. Brigid’s GNS, Cabinteely

3rd Class – Ms Mc Feely

Session 6 February 1st

Today was a great day! Not only was it St. Brigid’s Day and the first official day of spring but it was time for Tunde to come in to us again. We wondered if today was going to be as ‘sweet’ as our last session.

We began Session 6 by chatting about maps. We discussed what maps were used for and the kinds of maps we had seen before. We said that maps were for people to find their way. We listed all kinds of maps like: google maps, the map of the school, maps of the world and globes. We looked at Tunde’s map of the classroom she made and we realised that it was not for finding her way at all but for finding us! This was a very different kind of map to the ones we were suggesting.

We split into two groups and each group studied a different kind of map. One group studied an ordinance survey map of the west coast of Waterford and the other group studied a tourist map of London. We identified all of the types of things we could see marked on the maps. Group 1 listed: mountains, sea, beach, hospitals, post offices, standing stones, rivers, lakes, roads, walking trails, cycling trails, sea banks and much more. Group 2 found: tourist attractions, buildings, parks, roads, bridges, rivers, ponds, castles, public transport, offices, restaurants etc. We then compared the similarities and differences of the maps.

After that, we moved on to drawing some of the marks we saw on the maps that we had been looking at. We drew all sorts of lines, symbols and shapes. We realised that maps were full of different markings.

Tunde showed us one more map. She showed us a map of the London Underground. There were lots of intertwining straight, coloured lines on the map. We soon realised that this map reminded us a lot of the work we did last week. Last week, we used coloured wool and pins to create constellations on a pinboard. Our constellation map looked very like the map of the London Underground. Tunde secretly began to mark some roads and places on the pinboard using marker. Soon, Ms Mc Feely called us up to the board 3 at a time to add our own marks. We turned our constellation map into a very different sort of map altogether.

While some of the girls were busy marking the board, others were away in another land…………….. Ms Mc Feely made us close our eyes and imagine we had jumped out of an airplane and landed in an imaginary land. We imagined what the ground felt like under our feet as we landed, what the buildings looked and felt like and the sounds we could hear around us. We could see strange natural things growing in our imaginary lands and unusual things flew overhead. After we had explored our imaginary land in our heads we began to make a map of our lands. It was really fun drawing these amazing imaginary places.

And even though we didn’t get to taste anything sweet this time, a lot of our imaginary lands ended up being quite ‘sweet’ indeed!

St. Brigid’s GNS, Cabinteely

Session 4:

Written by Ms McFeely’s 3rd Class

It was Friday 18th January and we were feeling excited because Tunde was coming in again. We really enjoyed learning all about Land Art artists and doing our own Land Art with her before.

The first thing we did after Tunde arrived was look at a slideshow. The slideshow included pictures of Land Art and our own artwork. We discussed and revised what we had achieved so far.

After the slideshow we discussed our theme of ‘Place and Space’. Tunde asked us to think of the biggest places we knew existed. Beth Said Russia was the biggest country she knew, Sarah said Dundrum was pretty big, Molly suggested that the sky could be the biggest, Sophie mentioned the sun, Ava K thought of Ireland, Laoise said the Earth, Ava D said the sea, Aliya said Big Ben and Lilly thought China was very big. Then Lily mentioned ‘Space’, Aoibhinn said ‘the Milkyway’ and Kasia suggested ‘the Universe’. We all agreed that ‘space’ or ‘the universe’ must be the biggest places they could imagine. With that in mind we moved on to some artwork.

We created pictures of ‘The Universe’ using chalk pastels on black paper. Tunde told us to think of ‘the universe’ and draw what we pictured in our heads. Some of us drew planets, rockets, the sun, stars, astronauts, shooting stars, black holes and Earth. Some of us drew things that we didn’t have a name for and that we couldn’t explain. Our teacher and Tunde told us that there was no right or wrong way to draw it. Some of us drew the Solar System we know about, some made up their own planets. Some kept the backgrounds black but others chose colours that they imagined space to be like. Everyone’s artwork was unique. We realised that showing how big the Universe was was a very difficult task. Even if we joined them altogether we thought it would only be about a 1/12 of the Universe.

“Space is thousands of times bigger than Earth” – Kasia

“You couldn’t explain how big it is because it goes on and on…” – Molly

“I can’t say it’s the biggest thing in the whole world because it’s bigger than that!” – Laoise

During session 4 we really got to use our imagination and it made us think ‘BIG!’. We cannot wait for Tunde to come back next Friday.